Financial Aid & Student Success

COVID-19 has thrown our society’s inequities into stark relief. Families face ever-greater financial strain, making Georgetown’s foundational commitment to access, affordability, and student success in higher education all the more important.

The generosity of our donors will be vital in meeting the array of financial aid and other student needs intensified by COVID-19. Scholarship grants for undergraduate, graduate, law, and medical students will clear new students’ path to a Georgetown education and ensure current students’ continued enrollment, while crisis response funds will support Georgetown in providing assistance to any student who requires it.

Our Areas of Focus

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Scholarship grants

Increasing the number of donor-funded scholarships is, and has long been, Georgetown’s highest priority for philanthropy, as we work to ensure that no student sacrifices their educational opportunity because of an inability to pay.

The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have intensified the financial challenges facing students and families, impacting how they make decisions about post-secondary and post-graduate education and increasing the need for scholarships. To enroll—and retain—the most highly qualified, motivated, and diverse students, we must offer competitive scholarships that ensure that they can choose Georgetown.

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COVID-19 emergency funds

Recognizing that the global pandemic has left many students facing unexpected expenses and financial stressors, Georgetown established a crisis response fund for students experiencing immediate financial hardship. Since mid-March, the university has funded approximately $5M in COVID-19-related student support, most significantly for emergency travel home, assistance in returning from study abroad, equipment to support virtual learning, and general storage/shipping.

Donor gifts provide essential support for the emergency fund as we work to meet our students’ evolving needs, ensure their well-being and success, and keep our community whole.

More on the university’s COVID-19 response

Visit Georgetown’s Coronavirus Resource Center for in-depth updates on the university’s COVID-19 response—and how members of our community are making a difference.